What the hell is going on here; zombies are being awarded Nobel prizes (being a zombie is criteria no. 1 but wth); every human walking on God’s green earth says Armageddon is not far off; laureates say glaziers are melting, sea side houses will sub merge, there will be no proper food to eat, man will face extinction all courtesy Global Warming …

But where is the warmth I ask. My a$$ is freezing; my arms are still; my fingers aren’t moving; the freaking temperature is going lower and lower and yet they say Global Warming is gonna cause the end of the world. Where is the warmth I ask.

The last time I checked a dictionary Warmth meant hot, hot is high temperatures and here temperatures are clocking the lowest counts ever. Where is the bloody Warmth I ask.

Global Warming meant the temperature around the world will increase, I was happy and thought that now the temperatures in Canada and US will not be so much of a challenge for me but is it only me who’s feeling cold in here? Please tell me where is the warmth.

All you Global Warming cheerleaders where is the warmth I ask.

All you scientists need to consult Hollywood script writers for cooler names for the possible catastrophes you find. But pay those guys for their wacky & cool names.

PS: I’m told the extremes are a result of Global Warming but I couldn’t resist writing this.