I shifted to Tata after 1 year of Sify and the biggest problem other than constant dis-connection was logging in manually after every 11 hours as the session fails and I had to login again, when I shifted to Tata Indicom I still faced this problem but the blessing in disguise is the web based dialer which allows u to automatically set ur browser to login for u after every 11 hours (Tata Indicom session fails after 11 hours)

So heres how u do it:

What u need:

  1. Windows based machine (OS X and Linux hav other methods which I havn’t tried yet but those who use linux will figure out how to do it once they read this tut)
  2. Firefox Plugin – dejaclick
  3. A batch file (read about it below)

Part A:

Step 1:

Download and install Firefox

Step 2:

Then install the dejaclick plugin

*Note: Make sure u have set the remmber password and username option & now logout of tata indicom

Step 3:

Start dejaclick and press Record.

Step 4:

Now open Tata Indicom dialer page and hit login and stop the recording.

Part B:

Now open notepad and type this:


START firefox.exe /max /wait dejaclick:///Y:/Performance_testing/DejaClickScript/test02.xml

*Where everything after dejaclick:/// is the path where the plugin has saved the xml file; if u want find out where it is then in the plugin panel u have the option of saving the recorded task as a script clcik on it and it will show u the default location

put that in place of Y:/Performance_testing/DejaClickScript/test02.xml where test.xml is the file name

Save this with the extension .bat

Part C:

The last part is where we schedule windows to run this batch file every 11 hours 10mins (keep the 10 mins as buffer) and then leave ur machine on 24×7 and firefox will automatically log u in every 11 hours

Now if u want create a duplicate of the same task and trigger it at login and schedule it to repeat every 11 hours 10 mins

Tried & Tested