It was around 5-6 years ago when I had once visited my then computer engineer’s home to collect some hardware, I went to his house and he took me to his work area which you wont be surprised to know was his and his brother’s bedroom, however that bedroom was like a geek heaven, hardware lying around all over the place, hardware boxes, cabinets, shiny new equipment all over the room something that gave me nerdgasms every time I thought of that room and what all it had lying all over – cables, hard-disks, GPUs, monitors every piece of hardware that you can think of.

After a few days of work and some luck (which for the past 1 year has been eluding me) I have finally got my bedroom to look something like that, my room is in my terms ‘The g33k’s Heaven’, I have a headless chicken (a computer without a monitor) running Windows XP which is connected to my main desktop and I am controlling both the machines using my main desktop … now ‘aint that freakin cool!!!

Here’s my now more geekier, more hardware(d) workspace: