Being Manan

How An iPod Helps You Maintain Sanity

iPod is not just a style statement, if it had Explorer Drag-Drop I can guarantee you that my songs wouldn’t be so organized and if I did not have my iPod playing my favorite tracks my time at a place away from home would not have been so livable. Continue reading

WordPress Plugins I Like #1

Finally after using free hosts and free domains and waiting to get a nice domain name I got a domain that I liked. I have played around with WordPress previously when I had a free host and liked it, sites … Continue reading

My Own Space On The Internet

A domain – $10 A Webhost – Rs. 149/- My Own Website – Priceless Welcome to – Being Manan was never so much fun.

Meddling the Middle Class

Reservations are detrimental to society contrary to what politicians make it sound, politicians do this only and only to create Vote-Banks, the ‘Middle-Class’ does not constitute the Vote-Bank that swings elections and the ‘Middle-Class’ is much content with their daily woes that they will only make a hue and cry for some time then continue living their lives the miserable way, they wont stand up and fight, this what is results in politicians going ahead with Reservations. Continue reading