iPod Power User Guide – Part 2

Useful guide for iPod users to customize their iPods, hack the iPod, make better use of it, lyrics integration, integrate lyrics with itunes.

iPod Power User Guide – Part 1

Part 1 of a power guide for iPod users, telling them how to make efficient use of the ipod, back up, copy songs,maintain the library etc.

WordPress Category Page Tweaks

Some tweaks that will make the category page more readable by showing only the post titles; category title & category description for the corresponding categories.

WordPress Plugins I Like #1

Finally after using free hosts and free domains and waiting to get a nice domain name I got a domain that I liked. I have played around with WordPress previously when I had a free host and liked it, sites are kinda boring and forums require a community a blog is my own expression and

My Own Space On The Internet

A domain – $10 A Webhost – Rs. 149/- My Own Website – Priceless Welcome to beingmanan.com – Being Manan was never so much fun.