After 2 weeks of living in Pune, whilst on my way back I called up my friend and decided to go for a movie, when we reached the theater he said let’s go and see Shutter – a Japanese horror movie directed by the same guy who directed The Ring. I am no fan of horror movies and am scared of getting scared as a result haven’t ever watched a Horror movie in the theaters. However, after living in Pune for 2 weeks I was certain that a 2 hour movie cant be as horrific, so with a little uncertainty I entered the theater to watch a horror movie for the first time, that too a 9 PM show. The Rs. 180/- ticket was a major inspiration to watch the movie, I must add.

1 thing I noticed while the theater was filling up was that I could see a lot of couples and I wondered, why? The excitement was building up when they played the National Anthem as made mandatory by the government, now the entire enthusiasm of watching a horror movie for the first time in a theater was sort of diminished courtesy, as some one once said – The most Un-Inspirational version of the National Anthem!

Ok however, the movie began like all horror movies do – a dark empty road surrounded by pine trees on both sides and the protagonists driving with dim headlights feeling sleepy and bang all of a sudden from the middle of nowhere the ghost (who appears to be human) walks to the middle of the road and the car goes straight into it.

Wasn’t scary, seen the same thing in every horror movie Iv seen, quite predictable to say the least. The movie goes on, the plot seems to be interesting, the movie doesn’t get you bored and even the crowd doesn’t, as I had previously mentioned about the couples, I could hear the couples laughing after the few creepy/scary scenes which answered my question about the couples watching horror together.

What is a better way to get your girl to shriek and even cling on to you in shock and you get to smile at her and make her feel secure? – A horror movie! (off-course you have to make sure that the girl is not a horror fan and you’re not a pussy, else it may backfire) It would even help if you yourself pretended to be scared (even if you were not actually scared) so that the girl also had her share of fun after the movie.

Coming back to the movie, the plot was a good one – a photographer’s (played by Joshua Jackson) past sins come back to haunt him through his photographs, the main female protagonist (not the ghost) – played by Rachel Taylor was really hot and had an amazing English accent that would turn on most guys, but the Japanese girl who played the ghost was yuck – she was such a turn-off and not scary one bit, rather than being scary she made you go – yuck thoooo! The movie wasn’t as scary as it was creepy, two scenes in particular scared me. The sounds weren’t creepy – something my friend said makes a horror movie really scary. The ending of the movie was kinda drab for me.

But I can take one lesson from this – A horror movie can make the perfect date.

Now all I need is a date.

Edit: Aerated drink brand – Limca just released a commercial on the same concept!!