This is going to be my second of many useless posts to come! I am out of town again, back in Pune for another 2 days, with every visit my dislike for Pune keeps on increasing, I have no clue why but I just don’t like the city. As you know I own an iPod, though I miss a FM player in the iPod but the fact that I use it as a portable drive to store and move data, not only that my iPod also has portable versions of many softwares that I like and might miss when I am away from my computer, FM is something that I can live without.

With over 10 GB of sorted songs, unlike moronic song collectors who simply download albums and go around trumpeting the fact that they have x number of songs and they even have songs that they have never heard after acquiring and with no possibility of them playing them in the future add to that the fact that they themselves don’t know whether they have a particular song or no. No, I have not yet lost my sanity, I’m Just Being Manan! I prefer to own/acquire tracks that I like.

The summer is making itself felt here in Pune, scorching heat, even indoors it’s hot air all around you, water that is at normal room temperature seems hot, Bombay is no different. Damn Global Warming.

In all this bad there is something good that’s making me feel like hope is still there, Chamillioaire’s Riding Dirty Remix featuring Akon, Atif Aslam’s Pehli Nazar Mein makes sure that I forget where I am momentarily and I start singing to the tune ignoring my aunt calling me for lunch, if that’s not all, Rihanna’s Umbrella gives me the much needed respite from the sun, if it wasn’t for my iPod I wonder what would have happened to me.

I suddenly realized how much my iPod means to me and sincerely thank my father for gifting it to me and also thank my uncle who willingly bought & brought it. Also I must add, if it wasn’t for my iPod, my song collection would have either had arbitrary site links or no artist or movie names as song titles. Courtesy iTunes’ song management, iD tag editing ability, an absolutely wonderful volume enhancer (which actually works), iPod’s iD tag based sorting, all my songs (well not all, but yeah most of them) have proper iD tag information and even Album Art, which surprises a lot my friends, helps me finding my songs very easily and makes me look like a well organized cool guy. Searching/suggesting tracks does not make me go bonkers and with Vista’s amazing instant search I can find any song by just typing the song name/artist/album.

So you see an iPod is not just a style statement, if it had Explorer Drag-Drop I can guarantee you that my songs wouldn’t be so organized and if I did not have my iPod playing my favorite tracks my time at a place away from home would not have been so livable.

Thank you Sony for making the walkman (wasn’t that the inspiration :P) & thank you Steve Jobs for launching the iPod.