Reservation is back in talks and with it the pros and cons of Reservations. Politicians pushing for reservation and the opposition also not going against them, well its not their fault how can some one go against reservation when doing so results in votes. Who are we kidding here, Reservation directly translates into votes, who wouldn’t want to do that or want to go against it.

Now here’s the real reasons if one thinks about why reservations are needed – Political Mileage; Yes many will say that’s not the case, under-privileged also deserve education of high standards and reservation gives them that opportunity; the “below poverty line” cannot afford the education and therefore need reservation. Well guess what I agree with them but is reservation the only option – Hell NO!!!

Let’s see –

Why is there need of Reservation?

Because there are not enough seats available, the number of seats available for institutes like IIMs & IITs is as it is not sufficient for the current number of students who apply and the cut-off just keeps on rising year by year at the same time the hard work put in by the students, but due to the crunch in seats even those with 98% have absolutely no or little hope or getting into IIM-A, however if you are a member of the SC/ST Club then voila you are lucky my friend no worries you just might get into the institute – who cares what your ability is; that certificate of caste/tribe or merit I may say gets you that seat and deprives the one who has worked his ass for it.

The SC/ST certificate is now becoming the certificate of merit, so get yourself 1 it will definitely increase your chances by many folds and will reduce the hard work required by you to clear the paper.

Sorry, where were we, ya – The need for Reservation. Its pretty obvious that the need arises because of lack of seats and the other is that rationally the under-privileged don’t have enough monetary resources to prepare for such exams. Yes, that is true – an SC/ST does not have the resources but then again is the answer Reservation?

Lack of resources and less marks but they still stand a chance – Now is this fair to them or unfair to the 1 who has the resources and also more marks?

Its obvious who chooses what, the choice depends on the category you fall in. So what is the government doing? For 1 they are planning to increase the Quotas. What does this do you ask. Nothing much other than giving the chance to an under-privileged to get into an institute where he dreams but cant get into based on his own merit. So what’s wrong? Everything. Why? Because you are putting some 1 in between a group where every 1 has secured a place based on merit and their friends have been denied a place because there is some 1 having a certificate of “merit” of a different kind. The possible problems: Ability to co-operate; Ability to cope up; Ability to settle in.

Now all of the above has been discussed and said by a lot of people on various shows and interviews when we had the big ‘Rang De’ against reservations with medical students giving up syringes and picking up placards for a cause. People also said that government is playing vote bank politics by introducing Reservations, our politicians being true to themselves (that’s the only people who they are true to – themselves) said – No, its not vote bank politics.

It is vote bank politics and it has everything to do with the Middle Class and not the lower class. Let me explain why. Over the years the number of people who turn out to vote is less, it does increase but it is less. The metropolitans don’t make the government at the center. Bombay, Bangalore, Delhi, Calcutta, Gurgaon or other major cities don’t make the government that sits in Delhi. This government is made by the people in the smaller or now called regional states of India. We have seen how Mayavati, Modi, Karunanidhi and Amma influence the core of Indian politics. The middle class is not their vote bank of the people who vote for them, it is the same people for whom Reservation is being asked for and this is the only reason why the Middle Class is being treated the way it is.

Why cant the govt. start more colleges, more schools? More colleges, more seats, less reservation, everyone happy.

This simply baffles that even the courts have allowed this to pass, the govt. feels that bringing in quotas is much better than starting new colleges, making reservations is better than letting private corporate the freedom to run and start institutes. Making institutes will not generate buzz, it will not translate into votes and the middle class will only blame the govt. and then get back to their daily lives. So what the hell, why not do it and get ourselves the numbers to form the govt.

The reservations don’t affect the students currently in IITs, IIMs or AIIMs but will affect the next lot of students who are going to go to the institutes but these guys are busy preparing for their exams. Their parents are gonna tell them to study harder and get in rather than protest, the teachers give a damn, their job is teaching – who they teach is not their concern. The courts have done nothing. I feel agitated about this and can do nothing more than just write this.

I am ashamed of myself