Hey guys,

It’s a known fact that passive smoking is as dangerous, if not more than smoking itself, people around us smoke, that affects us also, the 1 who smokes doesn’t want to quit for himself but he should realize that his acts not only affect him but those around him, the children, the elders. I am at as much risk as the 1 who is smoking. He might be doing it for his pleasure, I am suffering. We are suffering. I made this site to put out my views. This is one of them. Join me in this attempt. All I ask of you is give 122×119 space of your website to put either of these 2 images.

quit-smoking-01 quit-smoking-02

Smoking kills, you want to die, be my guest but please don’t take along with you the ones who don’t wish to.

My friend, Sathyajit’s comments reminded of something that I forgot to mention. I am not against people who smoke, I am NOT for a ban on smoking, I ridicule India’s Union Health Minister’s thoughts that banning depiction of smoking will curb smoking. The intentions of this post are:

  1. To raise awareness about Passive Smoking amongst smokers & general public alike.
  2. A request not to smoke at public places like, buses, trains, stations, malls etc.
  3. A plea to NOT to smoke in the presence of children, pregnant women & elders.

Break The Habit. Quit Smoking.

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Thank You. God Bless Us All.