How can there be a blog by an Indian without a post about Cricket’s latest circus – The Indian Premier League. I was not a fan of cricket & knew whatever I knew about Indian cricket through the news channels & news papers. The IPL caught everyone’s attention right from the beginning, right from when Shubhash Chandra announced the ICL. It all began with the ICL & ended up with Mr. Lalit Modi’s brain child – The IPL.

Auctioning of players, the biggest entrepreneurs of India, the biggest stars of Indian cinema all associated with it, huge sums of money involved, marketing campaigns never seen before, the IPL was the bridge between entertainment & cricket, to win back the lost viewers, many like me, viewers who find the concept of Test Cricket very boring, I mean watching a match for 5 days & it all ends in a draw, or for that matter even a One-Day International, which is drags on and on for a whole day. IPL is different, interesting, fast paced, batsmen come, whack the ball around and go, the ballers have to be accurate, if they are not, they will be hammered for 6 sixes.


Recently a lot of hoopla-ha surrounded Mr. Vijay Mallaya’s decision to sack team CEO Mr. Charu Sharma (Vijay Mallaya is the owner of the Bangalore team, Royal Challengers & Mr. Charu Sharma is a TV presenter). The decision wasn’t a shocking one, neither was it unexpected, people over the years looking at the way BCCI works have become accustomed to the bureaucratic ways of doing things. A few years back, the reigns of coaching the Indian team were given in the hands of Greg Chappel, I have ever since wondered, why? Mr. Chappel for some reason decided that he wanted Ganguly no more to be in the team, his entire stint as Indian Cricket Team’s coach was wasted in this pursuit. He wanted Mr. Rahul Dravid to be the captain of the team, a guy who is called The Wall, for his defensive styled batting, a lot of people at that time were joyous of this decision, a book named – The Nice Guy Who Finished First, was published (I did not read it). At this point let me make it clear I am not a fan of Dravid & am an admirer of Ganguly.

Dravid is everything that a team captain should be not. He lacks aggression both in attitude & his game and a game as fierce as T20, needs a lot of it, second thing that T20 needs is someone who can make runs fast, something Rahul Dravid is known not to do, his fame is for his slow game. Mr. Mallaya was forced into having Rahul Dravid captain his team, Mr. Mallaya is not BCCI, he is not the one who works as a bureaucrat, he is a corporate genius, he gets what he wants but this time he mis-calculated, leaving all major decisions in the hands of Rahul Dravid. A mistake that he is out to set right. The BCCI is a pack of stupid bureaucrats who cannot or don’t want to take tough decisions, the only tough decisions they take is of stopping pensions of World Cup winners. For the BCCI Greg Chappel is someone great inspite of the drain that he pushed Indian cricket into.

Mr. Mallaya on the other hand does not give a fuck who you are, if you can’t get the job done, pack you bags and get out, that’s the corporate way of doing things, the right way of doing things, you give them all the freedom they want, let them take all the decisions and if the decisions do not yield the required results, in the words of Donald Trump -You’re Fired! Fair & Square.

It is quite clear from the snippets from the RCB officials, Dravid made all the decisions, all the wrong decisions, he bought Sunil Joshi! a retired Indian Intl player to play T20, Anil Kumble! I am no cricket expert but when I have a captain that is famous for his slow scoring, I will certainly not go for 2 other retired players! Seriously what logic is there, to have 3 players who have almost finished their peak to play a fast paced game like T20, is beyond my rational understanding but in the world of Charu Sharma & Rahuil Dravid that is what they did and are paying the price for.

I sympathise with Mr. Mallaya, first he lost the bid for the Bombay team to Mr. Ambani and then he had no choice but to go for Rahul Dravid as that is what the the bureaucratic laws of the BCCI say. Mr. Mallaya made a mistake called Rahul Dravid & I hope he sets it right. One of the coaching staff of the RCB team himself has been quoted saying that they have tried all stratergies but this team is too old & slow, this team is filled with people like Dravid, people who should not be playing T20, they are everything T20 is not.

Hoping for the betterment of the Royal Challengers and all the best to the people who are next in line to be fired.