Download Windows Vista Live Event Held On 5th & 6th June 08

I had signed up for this event but wasn’t able to watch it. However, today Microsoft sent me a mail with download links to the recordings of the event held over the 2 days.

About the event:

Windows Vista – Live event held on 5th and 6th June, 2008 was an exclusive learning and winning opportunity for all Vista enthusiasts. The invigorating LIVE Meeting Sessions on Microsoft Windows Vista deployment & optimization offered insightful learnings  into seamless roll-out of Windows Vista.


  • Optimize Windows Vista: (June 5, 2008 | Download Size: 10.2 MB)

This session packs everything you need to know including the top reasons for deploying Windows Vista, addressing issues around application compatibility, optimizing performance of Windows Vista and tips and tricks to troubleshoot Windows Vista.

Speaker: Sudhir Rao B

  • Deploy Windows Vista: (June 6, 2008 | Download Size: 10.8MB)

This session provides a deep dive into Windows Deployment and related tools available from Microsoft to help you seamlessly rollout Windows Vista within your organization.

Speaker: Sudhir Rao B