2 (A & B) of my friends were involved in the Drunk Driving Mishap that happened last night  I knew that there was an accident that happened but the fact that it was my friends was brought to my notice a few minutes ago. Though their lime-light has been stolen by a Sikh group that has attacked MTV’s office.

Both the guys were with me in college. 1 of them still happens to be in the same college I go to for Engineering, we know each other. But, the other guy is a really good friend of mine.

Me & B had teamed up for a National Non-Technical Presentation and not surprisingly (seriously) won the first prize. We have also been together at a lot of other presentation competitions, again winners, off course!

According to news, a liquor bottle was found in the car that points to a case of drunk driving. B however has been let off by the police as he was not driving. Really really lucky I must say. He is from a well to do family and his father is a very successful businessman, not much known is known about A ‘coz we did not spend a lot of time chilling together, but he is a fun guy to hang around with. Feel bad for him.

Both these guys had an exam today morning and that is why both were studying together when they must have decided to go on a drive or were something and this happened.

B & me also gymed together and have amongst us some wacky memories. Ironically, B had given me a call on the 14th, a day before the unfortunate accident & I did not receive the call for some reason, maybe divine intervention, I think these guys were unlucky, if and I say if I were there this might not have happened. Not ‘coz I am a great driver or something, but because I don’t drink.

As of now B’s phone is switched off, now that he is a celeb in his own rights, will be receiving tons of calls from all over the world. Damn! those Sikhs, couldn’t they have chosen some other day for the attack?

UPDATE: Spoke to B just now, he is out & A too is out on bail, apparently the media is faking the stuff of there being 5 people, it was only these 2 in the car, B was not drunk, according to him.