The government of Maharashtra or some sections of the same have a very unique method to help the citizens of the state. The government of Maharashtra feels your pain about the rising Fuel Prices, they share your pain of the ever growing Inflation. The government of Maharashtra has provided the BMC with the best possible solution to our water logging problems. The Fuel Prices have been reduced by a rupee by cutting sales taxes & the government hopes that this move coupled with their unique suggestion/solution will rid Bombay of the water logging and make our lives a hell lot easier.

The government of Maharashtra feels the pain of the farmers committing suicide and they feel that their solution will bring a new ray of hope for the farmers. The government believes that this step will make sure that farmers don’t get over burdened by the dues they have and it will in some way reduce their pains.

The government believes so much in this step that alleged supporters of the ruling coalition went and pelted stones at the house of some foolish old journalist who did not agree with their proposed solution. How dare some journalist not see the rationality behind their solution? How dare some old journalist talk like that about the beloved Shivaji Maharaj? How dare he?

You must be wondering what solution it is or by now know what I am talking about. Either case, the government of Maharashtra is considering a proposal to erect a statue of Shivaji Maharaj in the Arabian Sea. An estimated 200 crore will be spent in achieving the same. Isn’t this the most unique and practical solution to all the problems the state of Maharashtra faces? I mean how cool is to erect a statue in the middle of no where. The statue will signify a ray of hope for the farmers committing suicide. The statue will symbolize the spirit of Bombay that year after year goes through the monsoon getting submerged in water.

The statue of Shivaji will not only rid us of our problems but will also serve as a direction for lost mariners! I would suggest that the government should hang a bell for the mariners & also install lights so that we can see the statue from Marine Drive and revel in the glory of Shivaji’s triumph, whilst the traffic keeps jamming. The government knows that the people of Bombay get bored in traffic jams and therefore they felt that this statue will also bring amusement to children while they sat in the back seats waiting to reach homes.

Are you submerged in water? Are you stuck somewhere due to water clogging in the city? Worry not the statue will give you the strength to over come the pains and agony of being in stuck in office or in your car.

I can’t wait for this jaw dropping peice of marvel to stand tall in the middle of no where. I shall go with my family, hire a boat & admire the great statue for it’s worth. Who gives a shit if petrol costs a bomb. Who gives a shit if roads have pot holes instead of speed brakers. You see the government believes that why spent tax payers money creating speed breakers when the pot holes help acieve the same. The tax payers money is well spent in burning fuel in the politicians cavalcade & sponsoring their foreign tours.

I think the governemnt is doing the right thing with my father’s hard earned money. I agree with them. They should go ahead and erect the statue. Damn the journalist who decided to go against it. Doesn’t he see the rationality in the proposal? The farmers shall go with their families to the statue and it will rid them their debts.

Shivaji Maharaj ki jai!