I would not have posted this on the blog but my friend explicitly told me NOT to post so therefore I had to. Here is an excerpt of what this post is, if interested then sure go ahead waste your time:

My friend’s long time love kisses him and says forget what happened!

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Einstein.

“Love is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” – The Einstein in me.

I have earlier banged my head in the desk, pulled my hair off, punched the wall, kicked the chair, but never understood a girl, I have given up. This incident just strengthens my resolve.

I was studying at around 2 in the night and I got a call from a long time friend of mine, the guy sounded absolutely excited and asked me how was I and what am I doing these days, blah blah. Later, he said that, “Dude, I need to tell you something, only between the two of us.” I said yeah sure, go ahead I could do with some bull shit at 2. I was bored as it is.

The guy tried to remind me his long time crush who lives in his complex (she is cute, if I may add) I remembered, having met her a couple of times. He told me how his ‘relationship'[1. Friends] with her was on an ON & OFF basis. The girl had actually very politely told him to fuck off initially, the usual ‘I like you but as a friend’. He then tried to break contact but he couldn’t. She knew this guy had a crush on him, but she was never into him.

Back to the conversation, he said that he had a lip-lock with her, I was dumb founded, I was like WTF! you mean you accidentally bumped into her? He said, No, we actually kissed I was pleasantly surprised and said, “Dude, persistence pays, man, great, super.” and said a few more things in Hindi slang. I had never heard him so happy. He wasn’t jumping around but he was genuinely just happy about what happened. I asked him how, what happened?

He told me that a few days back she called him from Delhi and said that she was remembering him, I was like good for you, lucky bastard. We talked about normal college stuff and caught on old times, and went back to our lives.

That was the Kiss, now the aftermath.

Today, I called him back to ask whether he had finally hooked up and were they officially going out together. He sounded depressed. It is fairly easy to recognize the change in tone of a person and say what is their mood. He said “Dude, I think it was just a lucky moment, I was at the right place at the right time .”

I asked what happened? You kissed, a lip-lock man, that’s like really big. He said I met her today and asked her a few questions, I was hoping he would say that he asked her out and some stuff. But, the asked her, “Why?” I was like what, you asked her Why? You asked a girl who kissed you as to why she kissed you! He said, yeah I did. I kinda realized why he was depressed. Who in their right minds would go and ask a long time crush as to why did she kiss him? Fagot he is, I tell you.

Anyways, I asked him what did she say and he said that she didn’t have an answer, she said “It just happened.” I said, well so? He went on to say that she told him, that it just happened, don’t try to understand or ask why it happened. Whatever happened, happened. Just leave it at that.

He said that, “It’s easy for her to say, forgetting that moment of bliss is as easy as forgetting her.” The sarcasm was evident. He went on to say that it was “a moment of nirvana for him”. Seriously, what shit?

I kinda think they were caught in the moment. I told him that it was his mistake, he shouldn’t have had asked her why, but rather asked, when next? or better still should have re-proposed his love to her. He said he was afraid of rejection, I said dude, you were already, you can get over it and he said, “Yeah right (feel the sarcasm?), that’s why I don’t wanna go through the same again.” I agreed, he was pretty messed up when she dumped him, despite knowing for a long time that he had a crush on her, she simply turned around and said, “Can we just be friends”, never understood why do girls do that.

I have no clue what’s up with the girl though, she dumps him, remembers him, calls him, they kiss and then she tells him to forget it! I feel bad for my friend, poor him. I told him about the quote I posted on top and the fact that the Einstein in me realized the above when I had my share of girl problems.

Well, I wish he gets his senses back and wish the best for him. If either of you’re reading this, I am sorry I had to. I’m Just Being Manan.