Volume 1 spoke about how these college professors use their authority as privileges and thereby harass students and it also show-cased the inherent problem in the education system. This one is actually quite different from the previous one, but, still is worth sharing ’cause it again shows how these inflated egos will not miss the smallest opportunity to show themselves as powerful or great.


We had this professor, a senior college professor who taught us Television. He had a habit of using the ‘Projector & Slide’ method of teaching. Off course if for a moment you thought this guy was good considering he put in the efforts of making slides for teaching, please drop that thought. The slides weren’t made by him. He got students to make it for him & the ones who did were given the ‘Teacher’s Pet’ bonus during the vivas & file submissions. So, one day this professor comes into the class with his slides, starts teaching, when he reaches the bottom half of the slide a funny thing happens. He can’t understand what is written! Some stuff is smudged and he can’t understand what was written. He then makes all sorts of faces trying to decipher what is written, turns to the class and asks – “What is that written?” Who is the teacher & who is the student? I mean seriously, it’s your slide, you are the teacher who is teaching us and then you ask us what is written! If I were to know what was written, why would sit for your sermons?

And thereby the professor also fell into the prestigious Gang of Douche.

The Incident:

I was in the staff room one day, getting my files corrected (we have all seen how easy it can be) This douche was sitting on the next table with a student’s father, they were talking of something, I had no clue who and what. But, then as usual the professor who was correcting my file got a phone call and was busy talking while I stood there eves dropping on the douche and the parent’s conversation. The child of the parent had got some KTs (If you ‘aint got KTs in engg, your engg is worthless). This obviously bothered the parents and they came to the college to talk to the professors. It was a usual conversation, the same old boring ones. But, there was this little 2 line exchange that made me feel like slamming the file in my hand across the douche’s face.

The father said that his son wasn’t a dumb guy, he had apparently got an all-clear without taking extra classes for any of the subjects in the previous year. “Our teachers are very good, they know their subject and teach very well and the children don’t need extra classes, so that is not a surprise.”

The dude just ripped me of all the hours I had put into every exam, every subject. One line and he just took all the credit for my work! Not only me, he ripped every student of the night-oil they burnt trying to understand the stuff that was supposedly to be taught by these douches and they apparently knew squat and asked us to what was written on their slides! One sentence and snap! All MY hours of going through gibberish in attempt of passing, all the time I spent in the college library trying to figure out things on my own-gone! He just took the credit for everything.

Our teachers are good and the children don’t need extra classes! My foot you douche! I mean this was like hearing someone abusing me and the other students who aren’t the ass licking types, we avail no ‘Teacher’s Pet’ bonus, we strive for ourselves. We don’t even bother to go up to a teacher for a doubt, cause for us trying to decode their language is an altogether different task. Talking in accents and language which I doubt even their children understand, who is going to walk up to them? For these teachers we don’t even exist till the big file submission day when they will try to play god. And he says that we passed because these teachers are good! Screw you.

This was the day when I heard a worthless douche take all the credit himself for the hard-work of the students. It was sad, frustrating and probably more annoying than the previous incident. But, what the hell, this is engineering in Mumbai University. I guess this is what one feels when a retard boss takes all the credit for the hard-work put in by the employees

But what the hell, it’s just another day in college.