They Never Learn, Do They?

It was a year back when serial blasts ripped through the mass transit Local Railway – the backbone of Bombay. Since then security has been beefed up at the railway stations. You will now see benches where police personals are supposed to sit, normally you will find 1 or 2 constable sitting. But, I can assure you that they are sitting there just because they have been told to. That’s it. Monitoring people coming in is not one of their tasks it seems. They seem quite busy amongst themselves.

That’s not it. Dadar station, the busiest local railway station has these detectors that you see at the mall’s entrance at one of it’s many in-points. The irony is that there are 2 such at the entry and right next to them are wide open entry corridors. Not only that every station has more than one entry points. THere is nothing for these entrypoints at all.

Here are 2 images: