Autorun Tools

2 tiny applications that allow you to create autorun files and also allow you to control their behavior on your computer.

Windows Used To Activate iPhones At India Launch!

Windows Used To Activate iPhone At India Launch!

Possible Technical Glitch in iPhone Activation

Highlights of the iPhone India launch.

Win 7 Organsational Chart

Charts showing how Microsoft has been organized to work on Windows 7.

Twitter To Start Charging For SMS Service?

Twitter announced that UK customers won’t be getting updates via SMS because Twitter can’t bear the cost.

[Vista Tip] Free Some CPU Cycles & RAM

By changing Windows Module Installer trigger to manual one can free some RAM & save CPU cycles. Here’s what to do.

Biggest Microsoft Feed Aggregator

The RSS feed aggregates from 26 Microsoft related blogs of high repute. Follow 1 feed for all your dose of Microsoft.

Interbrowser Compatibility Claims Another Victim –

The Services page of is not compatible with FIrefox & Opera, but works fine in IE 7 & IE 8.

5 Reasons NOT To Move To Linux

5 reasons why one doesn’t need to switch to Linux.

Download Microsoft Virtual Tech Days Sessions

Links to download videos and power-point presentations of the Virtual Tech days held by Microsoft to explain Server 08; Visual Studio 08 & SQL Server 2008.