I have been laughed at and told a countless times that stop using Hotmail, it sucks and blah blah. But, you know what, God knew I use Hotmail and he likes it as well, he got his first free email id on Hotmail too.

So, I was just checking my mail (Hotmail and not MobileMe-ss) today and I had a mail which I thought was just another spam mail, nothing better to do I just decided to read it, they can be funny at times. Shockingly, it was from God! And it read:

Bless you My child, I know you have been going through tough times in your life lately. A lot of people are, you see from just Adam & Eve now there are countless people, even I have lost count. All of them have their own unique way of praying to Me and I appreciate that. I like the different ways in which one expresses gratitude, I like the way one wishes for happiness and peace in their life.

But, you see in India people have a way which is quite different form the rest of the world. Indians are one of the few remaining cultural societies that openly without any hesitance cheer loud and celebrate My presence. I love it, it brings such joy to My heart that even without seeing Me, so many people gather together to celebrate My birthdays. I simply love it when people sing and dance together to welcome Me to their homes, however I have never understood why do the same people dance while they drown Me. Oh, well that’s not the point of the mail.

What I actually wanted to know from you was, why do people have those big noisy non-musical bells and why do they constantly keep on banging them? I mean for God’s sake, I mean My sake, can’t they use something more subtle, something more melodious! It’s one of My many avatars’ birthday today and people are banging utensils! I mean why?

Don’t get Me wrong, I love the singing of hymns, they are so meaningful and beautifully tuned, but the utensil & bell banging just disturbs the entire mood of the beautiful prayer. Please can you find out why do they do that, also a funny thing I noticed that, it is usually the rich people who I have favored and the ones who really want my help who are the most vigorous bangers (of bells). The pandits too are quite appreciative and encourage the same. Of all people they should understand!

Please do get back to Me if you find the answer to the same and if possible please tell them that I would love them as much (possibly even more) if they were to tone down the un-necessary noise.

Bless you My child.


Does anyone of you have an answer to this mail. I partly agree, though I am believer in God (no surprise, he did mail me) but I have never understood why the loud bells. Sing songs at the loudest possible volume, but bells & utensils!