Jerry-Gates Are NOT ‘Canceled’

It’s really sad to see how some good for nothing, click begger blogger sensationalizes any trivial piece of information.

I recently did a piece on how Microsoft is perceived, this is another example of how stupid people can get. First up, people think that the $300M is for the TV commercials featuring Jerry Seinfeld & Bill Gates. This part is actually funny considering people, literate people, don’t understand the difference between a  marketing campaign & commercials.

The $300M is for a campaign which includes the Windows Gurus program and commercials and other promotional activities. So get that right. Next up, if you expected that Jerry Seinfeld will feature in every commercial that has ‘Microsoft’ spelt at the end, then you need to bang your head on your desk in an attempt to get your senses back, if they still don’t; in that case you are sitting on them, no point trying. Sorry.

The point is that, though you might not be seeing Jerry Seinfeld in the coming commercials, Jerry was never meant to feature in all the commercials. Something that was cleared on the Windows Vista Team Blog, as stated on the post, the campaign is moving into it’s next phase – “Windows. Life without walls”. Here Gates is expected to be seen along with Eva Longoria, singer Pharrell Williams among other celebrities who are daily users of the PC.

The coming commercials are going to be a reply to Apple’s ‘Get A Mac’ commercials.

Jerry may not be seen with Gates in the coming commercials doesn’t mean that ads are ‘canceled’. I hope people with grade 5 English lessons know what the difference is.

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