Free Software From Microsoft For Indian Students

I have come across a lot of posts on many Indian forums where they say Microsoft is giving away free software but that is NOT valid for India which kind of annoys me but as it turns out, Indian students are also eligible to free software, yes you read it correctly – free.

There are 2 ways by which you can eligible for this:

  1. Enroll into the MSP program, ie. the Microsoft Student program.
  2. Become an IEEE member, which most engineering students do.

The software that you are entitled to under both these programs are pretty much the same.

Details of the Microsoft Student Partner program are –

Free goodies that you are entitled to:

  1. MSDN subscription.
  2. Vista(Business Edition)
  3. Resource DVDs
  4. Books

The eligibility criteria for this is:

  1. Over 17 years of age.
  2. Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree student at an officially recognized University/college.
  3. Studying a full time course at the University/college.

How to enroll:

You need to give an exam which includes a written test & group discussion. The written test will test you on your Analytical Ability, Verbal Ability, C Programming & Computer Science concepts.

Other benefits:

  1. Exclusive MSP Boot-camps conducted by Microsoft
  2. Rewards & Recognition for top performers
  3. Networking opportunities
  4. Technical training & resources
  5. Microsoft events
  6. Interactions with MVPs & Microsoft Employees
  7. Internship opportunities at MS and partners
  8. Recruitment opportunities at MS and partners

More Details on MSP Website.

Details of the IEEE program are –

Free goodies that you are entitled to:

  1. Windows Vista & Windows 7 Business Edition
  2. Visual Studio Team System
  3. Expression Web Designer
  4. Project 2007
  5. Visio 2007
  6. Windows Server 2003

The eligibility criteria for this is:

  1. Your institute must be a part of the IEEE-Microsoft IEEE program.
  2. You should be an IEEE member.
  3. You should belong to the respective department. Off course you can navigate this.

To check whether your institute is part of the program, head here. Enter the city & country and check the list.

Once you sign for this offer, consult your college professors for it you will be provided with your log in credentials which you will use on the Software Centre page of your college.

Other benefits:

Some more crappy IEEE benefits that are well, really useless and crappy. More details.

~Have fun!