Seems like God and me have struck a chord somewhere, this is his second mail to me! He does talk about Goobi’s comment on that mail too.

Bless you My child. I see you like My Diwali gift to you, the Sony T500 that is. I’m aware of your feelings towards the iPhone, yet I wanted you to own one. Life should to be difficult at times, My child.

Before I go ahead I also have to address this issue raised by My son Milind. Milind, the fact that I prefer to use a better service which also happens to be free, does not mean that there is no higher intelligence as you put it. How Hotmail is better than MobileMe(ss) is something that I leave upon Manan & others to address, that is not the purpose of My mail.

Another festive season is upon my beloved India, the beautiful lights look amazing from up here; like the stars in My universe. I know everyone enjoys that except you, Manan. If you thought I don’t follow your Tweets you are wrong. I love this season because of the back-to-back festivals that happen. However, I have a serious issue with this particular festival – Diwali. According to the legend, Diwali is celebrated to welcome My avatar- Ram from his long exile and it is in this tradition that every year My children burst crackers.

My problem is simple and I shall put it in the simplest of ways: Please don’t attribute this method of increasing pollution, both air & noise, to Me. If I want to destroy My own creation – Earth; I have better ways to do it. Increasing pollution; leading to what you call Global Warming, which off course being Manan, you question is not my way.

You need to understand that these crackers were let off at 1 place on 1 day to welcome Me and not all across the world 5 days before and 5 days after the auspicious day!

Stop this madness, if not for your sake, at least for Mine. Keep believing in Me spread good will, that’s all I ask.

Bless you My child.

This is something I agree with. It has been around 3 Diwalis that I have not burst crackers, yes I do burst a few for the occasion and not for my fun. C’mon guys, it’s our world; our responsibility. Say No to crackers.