A couple of weeks back one of India’s leading banks – The Union Bank of India, unveiled it’s new avatar, a new logo and promotional campaign. Today however when I was writing some assignments and was out of staple pins, I dug deep into my drawer to victoriously find the staple pin box. If that wasn’t surprising enough, the text on the box was.

The name of the brand was written in a manner which absolutely resembles the new Union Bank logo.

Kangaro is a well known & reputed  stationary manufacturer. Their brand – Munix has the U & N written in a manner which has been ripped off by the guys who made the Union Bank of India’s logo. I believe that Kangaro needs to do more to promote their products, it seems no one from the Union bank who approved the logo has used Kangaro’s staple pins.

The logo of the Munix (Staple Pins) brand:

The new logo of Union bank of India:

Here are the 2 sites:

Union Bank of India

Kangaro Munix

This does fall into the realm of moral plagirism. Unless off course both logos are done by the same 3rd company.