An off beat post. My friend had his birthday a couple of days back. Somehow I remembered & off course Facebook’s reminder helped me not to forget. Today I saw a couple of friends had posted birthday wishes on his wall. The funny thing about the messages was that these were good friends and along with the birthday wish they had made an excuse that, I didn’t call ‘coz I don’t have your number, bringing me to to the question, whether is social networking bringing you closer to people at the cost of taking you apart from the closer ones?

Here is the thing, over the years the way people interact each other has gradually changed. It was personally meeting initially (if geographically possible); phone calls then; SMS comes along, calls aren’t made, instead a SMS is sent. Now, we have “social networking sites” wherein people simply leave a wall post or a “scrap” wishing you your birthday, new  year, anniversary etc. No more SMS sent, calls stopped long back. And an excuse of not having number being made.

I thought “social networking” was all about bringing people together. Instead, I see good friends drifting apart. Don’t get me wrong but I feel that a call has more value than a SMS and let’s cut some slack, SMS is more personal than a scrap. Certainly, it depends on how deep your relationship with the person is; nevertheless, you get my point.

Come to think of it, it boils down to ease of access, convenience & cost cutting. Some might cry foul here, but let’s face it; sending an international message & posting a scrap when you have internet access pretty much all the time, take your pick.

Kinda sad to see the trend. Makes me wonder what next, some might just say, “I remembered your birthday and wished you via telepathy, didn’t you get my message?”

Food for thought. Happy New Year, call the people who are close to you.