Wrong Career Choice?

Call it wrong career choice or complete boredom of what I am doing.

Adobe CEO Caught FUDding

Adobe CEO FUDding about Silverlight and getting caught. Don’t underestimate Microsoft boy.

Auto-Scan & Add Tracks To iTunes Library [Windows]

A small yet very useful add-on for iTunes on Windows to automatically add songs from folders to iTunes library.

Control Startup Programs In Vista With Windows Defender

Control & find information about startup programs with Windows Defender.

New Windows 7 Developer White Papers Released

MSDN released new White Papers on the features of Windows 7 demoed at the PDC2008 & WinHEC.

Quality & Compatibility Resources For Developers

Some links for developers to make their applications more efficient for the Windows environment.

Get @replies From Twitter SMSed (India)

If you want your @replies on Twitter to be SMSed, follow this tutorial to do so.

Make Vista Look & Behave Like Windows 7

Make Vista look and behave like Windows 7.

Windows 7 – 3 Features That Are Music To Ears

3 new not yet talked about features of Windows 7.

#2 Free Software From Microsoft For Indian Students

Another method to obtain free software from Microsoft.

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