Windows 7 Resources (Built & How To On Themes & Connectors)

A compilation fo Search Connectors for Windows 7. MSDN, Youtube, Wikipedia, Microsoft Support etc. & links to theme packs for Windows 7.

reacTable – Surface For Musicians

A Microsoft Surface like table for DJs.

Dreamspark Coupons Giveaway

I have some Dreamspark coupons which I would like to give to those who need them.

MS Surface Surfaces In India

Images from the first public appearance of Microsoft Surface in India.

10 Tips To Enhance Windows Usability

10 of my favorite & IMHO really helpful registry hacks & tweaks to improvise the working of Windows.

Microsoft Research Digitizes Indian Heritage In HD, Beautifully

A project by Microsoft India to digitally capture India’s heritage.

1 Gadget-Release Filled Week

Some big announcements of CES 2009 by Microsoft, Sony & Palm. Macworld 09 announcements. mesh winning the Crunchies award & nokia launching the 5800 XM. All in 1 week.

Windows Pricing, Sales, Piracy & India

What Microsoft India should do to deal with the threat from Google & maintain world desktop dominance.

[Update #2] Vista To Windows 7

A set of utilities that will enable you to make Windows Vista behave like Windows 7.

5 Simple Tips To Make A Good-Looking Report Using Word 2007

5 simple tips & a few pointers on how to use Word 2007 to create a simple yet elegant looking project report.

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