[Update #2] Vista To Windows 7

Sometimes you just get a sudden realization that there is something you’re forgetting but just can’t figure out what. I have quite a few these & in such a moment it dawned upon me that I hadn’t mentioned Windows SteadyState in the past 2 posts on making Vista look & behave like Windows 7. Anyhow, the past week we saw Aeropeek come to Windows Vista too, here are is another list of software that will give you some of Windows 7’s features in Vista :

1. Windows SteadyState: gives you the PC Safeguard facility of 7 in Vista & XP. It essentially creates a sand-box which allows people to do whatever they like but the moment they restart the machine any change made is gone. Yes, ANY CHANGE!

However, SteadyState requires validation for downloading, so if you have a genuine copy then by all means.

2. Aeropeek:

Finally the known & missing Aero feature of Win 7 that was not present in Vista has arrived. Requirements:

  1. Windows XP/Vista
  2. .net framework 3.5

3. Desktop Slideshow:

Windows 7 has an inbuilt feature of automatically changing the desktop wallpaper after a specified time interval, you can avail the same feature on your PC using Caledos Wallpaper Changer. Screen shot:

4. Beta Wallpaper Pack:

Here is the wallpaper pack of  the wallies contained Windows 7 Beta.

windows 7 wallpaper pack beta



5. Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts in Vista:

  • Win+Left/Right arrows: Dock the window to each side of the monitor
  • Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window
  • Win+Down arrow: Minimize the window/Restore the window if it’s maximized
  • Win+Space: All windows are made transparent so you can see the desktop
  • Win+Home: Minimize all windows but the current window

windows 7 wallpaper pack beta

6. Taskbar Shuffle:

A simple, small, free utility that lets you drag and drop your Windows taskbar buttons to rearrange them.  Here’s a full feature list:

  • Reorder your taskbar buttons by dragging and dropping them

  • Reorder your tray icons in the same way

  • Reorder tasks in a grouped button’s popup menu in the same way

  • Middle-click to close programs on your taskbar

windows 7 wallpaper pack beta

~Enjoy again!