The Guys Behind Microsoft On Twitter

Pretty much most of Microsoft divisions are on twitter. The guys who tweet via the Windows & Windows Live account call themselves the Windows Outreach Team. Usually tweeting with the ‘^’ followed by their initials. Profiles of the 2 accounts show their pics, names & signatures. I decided to find their twitter profiles. Meet the Windows Outreach Team:

Ring leader: Marcus
Signature: ^MS
Designation: Community Manager for Windows & Windows Live
Twitter Profile: @marcusatmsft
His Blog: marcusatmicrosoft

Wingman: Josh Topal
Signature: ^JT
Designation: Gets paid to play with twitter and other social networks all day. (Wow! He is paid for tweeting :P)
Twitter Profile: @jtmaven
His Blog: Josh & The European Adventure

Wing-woman: Ali Wiezbowski
Signature: ^AW
Designation: Member of the Windows Social Media Team
Twitter Profile: @aliweeez

PS: I’m sure these aren’t the only guys the other accounts must be handled by a lot of other guys.