Office 2010: New Features

A first look at some outstanding additions to Office 2010 in terms of usable features.

Meet Microsoft Sam

Microsoft India’s Bangalore Technology Research center presents a robot made using the Robotics Studio 2008 & powered by .Net

Win 7 & Shoddy Indian Tech Journalism

Horrendous blunders by tech journalists in attempts to defame Microsoft. Mistakes made while reporting on Windows 7.

5 Cool Codeplex Utilities #2

5 interesting Codeplex applications to control your PC using Twitter, ISO editor & burner for Vista Windows 7, to know computer hardware details, use different wallpapers on different monitors, auto sort files based on file type.

Configuring InPrivate In IE8

A master tutorial on how to configure Internet Explorer’s InPrivate mode to double as Adblocker & make it efficient.