5 Cool Codeplex Utilities #2

Codeplex is a cool place to look for interesting & handy utilities. Last time I listed 5 Promising Codeplex projects, out of which the Battery Saver still tops my list of favorites for Vista. Here is another list of some interesting Codeplex projects:

  1. Computer_ID
  2. ImageMaster
  3. Multi-Monitor Wallpaper
  4. File Router
  5. Tweet My PC


An application coded in C# & requiring no installation gives you comprehensive information about the hardware & software on the machine. From the Windows version to installed programs (including codecs). Screen shot:

Click for bigger view

From the developer:

A small tool, for reading a lot of useful information from the WMI. Like HDD Model, HDD Serial number, CPU information, Mother Board, Graphics card info, And some Windows information like, Version, Build, Install date, Serial Number and Product Key.


As much as I appreciate Microsoft adding the ability to write ISOs in 7, I still loathe the fact that I can’t read & maybe edit them without a 3rd party app. But then, theres nothing like 968KB file that brings a cheer. Here’s ImageMaster, an app that can:

  • Read the contents of image files before burning them to disc.
  • Extract the contents of image files without burning them to disc.
  • Burn an image file to disc.
  • Burn files and/or folders directly to disc.
  • Supports multi-session burning.
  • Create image files for archiving.
  • Convert Bin Image Files (.bin), Nero Image Files (.nrg), Alcohol Image Files (.mdf), CloneCd Image Files (.img), DiscJuggler Image Files (.cdi) to iso images

Cool right?!

Multi-Monitor Wallpaper:

This is one of my now favorite Codeplex utilities. Using a dual monitor setup, many a times I’ve wanted to have different wallpapers on both the screens, just to make it look cool. This application too does not require installation. When you run the app, you will get options to drag-drop the wallpaper on both your screens. Screen shot:

However, none of the built-in wallpaper resizing options. That’s a sad part.

File Router:

A bliss. And NO, it’s not a networking app. There are times when I diligently save transfer my downloaded music to the Music folder, videos to Videos & so on, however there are times when I don’t always wishing if there was an app that would take care of this.

File Router, a 20KB app does that for me. It scans a particular folder for the extensions you define & transfers the files to folders you set. This now allows me to download my stuff in the Downloads folder & then automatically sorts my data. Sweet! Screen shot:

From the developer:

This projects implements a File Router, which monitors a path on the hard drive and moves files to appropriate locations based on matching certain patterns. For example, .avi and .wmv to Movies, .doc and .ppt to Documents


Cloud computing is the future. Twitter is now. How cool would it be if you could Log Off, Shut Down or Restart just by sending a tweet? TweetMyPC allows you do that & according to the developer there are a slew of features to be added in the upcoming releases. To use this app:

  1. Install it
  2. Connect it with a twitter id (maybe a new one or an existing)
  3. Simply tweet the command

Screen shot:

Here’s a small bonus for you guys. A GUI based implementation of XCopy:

Super Copy-
  • “Calculate Results” mode allows you to see what files will be affected.
  • “Open” and “Save” allow you to import and export automatically generated batch files
  • Resume ability – recover from a power failure without having to restart the process.
  • Log summaries
  • Handles large amounts of data (over 100GB per transfer)
  • Ignores locked files
  • Copies hidden/system files
  • Recovers from temporary network disconnects

From the developer:

Super Copy provides a very robust way to copy files in Windows. Super Copy does not prompt you for more information once the copy has started; all options are specified beforehand. This is simply a lightweight interface for XCOPY, and will not negatively affect your system’s performance.

Codeplex FTW!