Browser Battles & The Perfect Browser

What really matters in comparing browsers is their performance and not charts. My ideal browser would contain the following features.

Office 2010 Tech Preview After 30 Days

Once the evaluation period is over, 1 can continue to use the Tech Preview version without any major issues.

Me: iPhone 3.0. Apple Servers: brb.

Apple releases iPhone 3.0 but servers are down & Find My Phone is useless.

5 Desktop Apps For Web Junkies

Download videos from youtube or watch them on the destop, download music songs from, create album art wallpapers & track your software usage with these apps.

WWDC ‘09 Round-Up. Fact & Fiction

Round up of Apple’s WWDC 2009.

Bing From Everywhere

Add Bing to IE, Firefox, Chrome, Windows 7 Explorer, Bing Search Connector, Bing in Start Menu search & IE Slices for

Dear Microsoft Bing, Don’t Discriminate

Microsoft’s new search engine Bing is different for different countries.