Let’s take a break from tech, cool?

Recent news events have spurred some Maverick Thoughts regarding this nation & where it’s headed. There are 2 specific topics that I will talk about here. Despite my parents’ constant disapproval of me watching television, I continue to do so. And some years back I was watching a show where a US pop(?) artist was followed across her international tour, she made an interesting observation that stuck in my head ever since, more so because I think I agree with it. She said that countries like China & India have a culture & that’s what binds them. If I were to take her statement a little further (wrt India), IMO this very culture is what keeps families together. This very culture is behind children still having respect (which is different from love) for their parents. This very culture is possibly the reason why India still manages to have a rather low divorce rate.

What is this culture? For me it’s a set of values that we grow with. Which brings me back to television. There’s an India edition of a US show – The Moment of Truth that’s being aired these days. I haven’t seen a single episode as yet but have seen The Moment of Truth (this episode in particular) and am aware of the kind of questions that are asked & the situations that arise. People seem to like the show, peeping into another man’s closet interests a lot of us. There is a debate in the political circles with regards to the show & the television channel airing this show has been sent a notice. Now the ‘literate’ class is up in arms claiming that these politicians are up to no good & will rake up issues, but on this one, I’m with the politicians. Shows like these are highly damaging & detrimental to our society. We aren’t perfect, no one is. But that doesn’t mean we bring out our closet-skeletons in the open for everyone to see. I wonder are the contestants so down trodden that for they’ll sell their souls for money? I can only imagine the utter disgrace brought upon friends & families of these contestants. Not to mention the effect that openly talking about certain issues will have on the younger generation that’s growing on watching these shows (with their parents). India is unaware but in the name of liberalism & democracy their treading a road that will lead us to become a nation that we’re better than at certain levels. The politicians represent a vast majority of India that still believes in values, the people who live in cities are slowly going out of tune with these values looking at their Western counterparts & are unfortunately being influenced to a level where it’s blinding their rational judgment.

As far as I’m concerned this show should be banned. We’re better than this people.

Which brings me to another issue that’s making headlines these days. Former President Kalam being frisked by a US airline, Continental Airways en route to the land of Mr. O. What’s the big deal? For one, it’s against Indian law to frisk a President (former as well). Now obviously this enraged the political class of India (and me too). But here again, this self-proclaimed ‘literate’ class has taken it upon themselves to champion the politicians-aren’t-above-law cause. CNN-IBN (which IMO is now turning into an English Aaj Tak) had a debate where some douche bag who heads some shitty consumer voice thingy claiming that no one is above the law yada yada blah blah. Now I agree no is above the law & certainly not the ones who make the laws and ensure that it’s followed. At the same time I have a certain respect for the office of the President of India. There is a certain amount of respect that the people who hold this esteemed office deserve, irrespective who they are.

Though the official reasoning is that there are certain gray areas in the rules by their US office & Indian law, if you’re operating in India, YOU OPERATE BY OUR RULES.

This event has led to a debate about people having a VIP status & having certain immunities that the common man doesn’t enjoy. Well certainly the common man doesn’t enjoy them, out of a fucking billion people only a handful (21 I guess since 1947) have been the President! But this so-called douche bag filled ‘literate’ class feels that President or no President he should be frisked, why because this is a democracy & everyone is equal. Unfortunately, I pity this ‘literate’ class who doesn’t even respect their President, a person who represents them & it compels me to draw comparisons with the US again where President Bush wasn’t respected either. No matter what the outcome of the  decisions he took was, he had the balls to take them.

Again, as far as I’m concerned Continental should be heavily penalized for disrespecting the Indian laws & constitution.

The US & ‘literate’ class popping up in both cases doesn’t amaze me & strengthens my belief that India is heading in a direction that makes us like a country that we’re better than in certain aspects. Instead of the ‘literate’ class striving to uphold it, it is them who are steering it in the other direction.