Microsoft India Taps Into Student Partner Base For Windows Mobile Apps

Apparently  Microsoft India is running a Windows Mobile Developer Contest for technical students & professionals and from what I’ve been told, Microsoft India has selected some MSPs that will team up with 4 other (student) developers to develop apps that will be made available on the App Store. Each team will develop 5 applications that will be submitted to Microsoft which will be available on the Marketplace The competition is India-only.

Microsoft will be bearing the $99 Market Place registration cost for these selected MSPs. Here are the specifics of the competition from a mailer sent to the MSPs selected:

Windows Mobile 6.5

What is so special for MSPs?

We have just launched the platform and as you are special (MSPs) from India, we want you to be the first ones on Windows Mobile Marketplace. We will bear the $99 registration fee exclusively for selected MSPs!!

What are you supposed to do in this competition?

  1. Attend induction workshop (potentially at MS Mumbai office or via Conference Call)
  2. Register with us as a WinMo Coordinator by 24th 2009 Aug and agree to develop and post applications into the Windows Marketplace for Mobile (1 by you) + 4 from your fellow students (can be other MSPs also). Groups of 5 submissions are required- this is to avail of the 5 apps per $99 registration promotion running currently.
  3. Develop a Windows Mobile App/Widget (details on
  4. Ensure that the set of 5 apps are tested and ready by 27th September 2009.
  5. Once ready, contact us to register the set of 5 apps on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile portal.
  6. Submit the set of 5 apps into Windows Marketplace for Mobile by 1st October 2009.

Benefits per valid submission:

  1. 1 laptop bag
  2. $99 fee paid per group registration through the process specified in point 5 above.
  3. Entry into developer competition on

I’m looking forward to the entries on this one.