Zune 4 & Zune HD vs iTunes 9 & iPod Touch

Zune 4 Disclaimer: Image heavy post.

Call me a fanboy but here are some screenshots of both iTunes 9 & Zune 4. Have a look at the gorgeous UI the new Zune as compared to that utterly ugly iTunes UI. The Macboys should find Zune to their liking – borderless window. And this is not something entirely new. Zune desktop’s previous version was also way ahead in UI compared to iTunes. Screenshots:

Zune 4 Quickplay:

Zune 4 Uickplay

iTunes 9 Genius: (This is the only ‘good-looking’ screen in iTunes)

itunes 9 genius player menu

Zune 4 DJ Now-Playing: (These screens also go into Full Screen mode. Gorgeous!)

The flames below the track status bar is a visulization! Here’s another beautiful screen:

Zune 4.0 DJ Now playing

How can you not like such displays:

Zune 4.0 Now playing

Zune 4.0 DJ Screen:

Zune 4.0 DJ screen

iTunes 9 DJ Screen:

iTunes DJ Now Playing

Zune 4 Music Library:

Zune 4 Music library

iTunes 9 Music Library: (Coverflow a beautiful UI makes not.)

itunes 9 music library

Zune 4 Marketplace:

Zune 4 Marketplace

iTunes 9 Marketplace:

itunes 9 marketplace

Zune 4 Marketplace, artist page:

Zune 4 Marketplace Artist page

iTunes 9 Marketplace, Artist page:

Edit: @aryayush pointed out that the image I had posted here before was of the search results and not the artist page. Corrected.

Zune 4 UI Themes:

Zune 4 Theme Settings

Zune 4 Podcasts:

zune 4 podcasts

iTunes 9 Podcast:

itunes 9 podcast window

Both players intheir minimal view:

Here is the Zune 4’s First Launch video, which again looks slick:

And the Zune HD vs iPod Touch comparison chart:

Zune HD iPod Touch 3
Display 3.3 inch touchscreen, OLED 3.5 inch touchscreen (no OLED)
Resolution 480 x 272 px 480 x 320 px
Color Black, Platinum, Blue, Lime Green & Red Black
Browser IE Mobile Safari
Software Zune Firmware 3.0 iPhone OS 3.1
Capacity 16 GB/32GB 8GB/32 GB/64 GB
Price $219.99/$289.99 $199/$299/$399
WiFi Yes Yes
HD Radio Yes No
HD Video Out Yes No
Wireless Sync Yes No
Input Touchscreen keyboard and accelerometor Touchscreen keyboard and accelerometor
App Store Not yet Yes

Comparison Courtesy: QuickPwn