Native Microsoft Office For iOS & Android Isn’t A Good Idea. The Alternative?

Microsoft should optimize Office Live for the iOS, Android browsers & do a native Office app only for the iPad.

Thoughts On The Windows 8 UI Rumors, What’s Microsoft Thinking

I speculate what Microsoft might be thinking of doing with Windows 8 based on the current rumors.

Microsoft Gets Patent For Cool Gesture Based Text Input On Phones & Remotes

Microsoft has been granted a patent to enter text on devices like phones or remote controllers.

Where’s The Mobile Market Headed?

A quick look at the offerings and the market stats as of now.

Windows Phone 7 Review (In Bullets): The Good & The Very Bad

No long thesis but points on what’s good and mainly what Microsoft needs to fix.

Discarded Implementation Of Live Tiles UI In Windows Phone 7

Patent application shows how the Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7 evolved.

A Look Inside Microsoft’s Envisioning Labs

The Office Labs shows their vision of the future of computing here to visiotrs. Touch walls, multi-screen multi-touch computers and a refreshing green wall.

Steve Ballmer Is On Twitter, Has No Avatar

Steve Ballmer is on twitter.

Microsoft India Shows The Kinect Experience For Diwali

Microsoft India demonstrates the Xbox Kinect at malls and is taking pre-orders.

Bing – The Eye Opener For Microsoft’s Cloud Strategy

Steve Ballmer while talking to students in Moscow explains how Bing was a lesson learnt towards their cloud strategy.

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