Microsoft India Launches Research Portal For Computer Science Students


This year’s Tech Vista – Microsoft Research India’s annual event for students and the community was special to Microsoft India as it coincided with their 5th anniversary. The event is to provide a platform for students to interact with the industry representatives and take a look at what Microsoft Research has been doing. At this year’s event – Tech Vista 2010, Microsoft India launched a new portal for students.

The portal is designed help them understand what research in the computer field is and interact with each other. The portal is aptly titled Research and You. As of now the website has editorial content and resources giving insights into research as a career and research in the computing field. With a forum open for all to register and participate, Microsoft India defines the website as:

A platform for young minds to ideate and discuss various facets of Computer Science […]

While India has one of the most respected research institutes — BARC, research and innovation in technology have eluded India since the education system has never put an emphasis on them. It is nice to see corporate India coming forward with such initiatives.