Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With The Cool Microsoft Office Timeline

Silverlight based timeline of Microsoft Office dating from 1983 to 2009.

Some Numbers About Broadband Internet In India

Some numbers about broadband india penetration in India as mentioned. The number of broadband users in India, average speeds compared to that of the world and China.

Microsoft Planned To Make Windows Mobile Into Wacom Like Graphic Tablets?

Recently surfaced Microsoft patent shows ability to use a Windows Phone as a Wacom like graphics tablet input device

[Update #2] Microsoft Asia Working On A Futuristic Mobile Charging Pad

Microsoft Patent reveals a charging pad for portable devices such mobile phones. The charging pad comes with an OLED screen, Internet access, ambient light sensors and accelerometers.

Get Your RSS As IM In Google Talk

Get your RSS pushed to you in your chat client – Google Talk or any Jabber/XMPP client and some thoughts on the dying RSS technology.

Apple Patent Shows NFC Module In iPhone. Unlock PCs & Doors Using iPhone

Apple patent reveals NFC module to unlock PCs and doors.

iPhone Top-Seller Flight Control Coming To Windows Phone. More To Be Ported?

iTunes top-seller Flight Control coming to Windows Phone 7 Series, more apps to follow

[Update] Foursquare Using Both Bing Maps & Google Maps

Foursquare is using Bing Maps for their Facebook integration whereas are making use of Google Maps on their website.

Your Windows Mobile Could Capture & Share Media Content

Windows Mobile 7 to allow capturing and streaming of broadcast television media clips of TV shows or movies depending on broadcasters.

New Macbook Design? RJ-45 Coming To The Macbook Air?

Apple patent shows possible new macbook design, connector ports to move to the back and new technology to reduce port sizes and computer form factor.

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