[Update] Windows Mobile 6.5.5 Exists? Microsoft Not Giving Up On Windows Mobile

Well, while I still wait for someone at the XDA forums to create a HSPL for my HTC Touch2 so that someone would cook a 6.5.3 ROM, a tweet from a Softie points towards the existence of Windows Mobile 6.5.5 I’m not really sure but if he says so, it must be true. Windows Mobile has been re-christened to Windows Phone Classic and Windows Phone Starter, complicated, yes. With HTC announcing the HD2 Mini with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 it will be interesting to see what goes into 6.5.5. MIX10, let’s see what Microsoft has to announce. Anyway, here’s the tweet:

A new verion of WinMo 6.5.5 gets on my phone now!!! Hope the flash works!

UPDATE: Tom Warren from Neowin notified me that Windows Mobile 6.5.5 has existed for quite some time and there are ROMs for the HTC HD2 on XDA forums.