[Screenshots] WP7 Settings In Zune And My Phone Sync

Two more screen shots of Windows Phone 7 Settings in Zune. The second screen shots shows the phone’s available on (Microsoft) My Phone when not connected.

[Screenshots] Zune Desktop And Windows Phone 7 (Asus Galaxy6) Sync

Screenshots of the Zune desktop and Windows Phone 7 device sync.

Tools To Know PC Temperatures And Power Consumption

Microsoft Research has released a utility called JoulesMeter that provides information about the power consumed by your PC. GPU-Z and Real Temp give heat and temperature info about the GPU and CPU, respectively.

Getting Your Windows Phone 7 Apps On The Marketplace

Details about developing your Windows Phone 7 apps and getting them on the Windows Phone marketplace.

[Closed] Giveaway: Office 2007 Home & Student With Free Upgrade To Office 2010

Office 2010 logoAfter a no-event for Windows 7 launch, Microsoft India has been quite active on social media for Office 2010’s launch. Microsoft India has been quite generous and will be giving way two Office 2007 licenses via me (India only)

Giveaway Details:

What: Two licenses of Office 2007 Home and Student that can be upgraded to Office 2010 for free.

Why Office 2007: because Office 2010 isn’t available to general public till next month.

Where: One license via this blog and one via my podcast – Microsoft Talk.


Add Your Name To Microsoft Office 2010’s Global Name-Dictionary

Microsoft Office has created a Facebook app for users to submit their names to create a custom dictionary for office 2010.

Windows Phone 8 Not To Be Compatible With WP7 Devices?

With Windows Phone 8 the chassis requirements will be refreshed to newer hardware specs thereby not allowing Windows Phone 7 devices to be compatible with Windows Phone 8.

Apple Files Patent To Use Your Display As Camera Flash

Apple patent application details how Apple plans to use the computer display as flash for cameras.

Bill Gates Plans To Adopt A Village In India

Bill Gates is visiting India as part of his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and plans to adopt a village in India and has also pledged monetary support to the government.