Windows 8 Might Achieve The Elusive Instant-ON

Windows 8 To Feature Attention Tracking. Minimum Hardware Specs For Tablets Leaked

As I said in the last post, Microsoft plans to use the Windows Phone 7 strategy for the tablet segment as well. For the tablets, Microsoft might define the hardware specifications like in the case of WP7. The leaked documents give us a rough idea of the requirements:

Microsoft’s Answer To The iPad Is Windows 8. Leaked Documents Show How

As a consumer I believe that companies should share with customers what their plans for the future are so that I can make an informed decision but that doesn’t happen unless some guy leaks a huge bunch of internal documents for us to feed on.

[Screenshots] Kinect’s Windows 8 Implementation

A few weeks back I had written about a patent that showed Microsoft’s intent to bring Kinect’s body sensing technology to Windows. Someone, somewhere leaked a few internal Windows team slides that made it to the Internet. Martin at Microsoft Journal was the first to write about the information.

GeoThemes: Change Windows 7 Themes Based On Geo Location (App Idea)

I find geo-location based services to be quite fascinating. Windows 7 brought with it themes and geo-location sesnor APIs, mixing both to have themes change based on geo location has been lingering on in my mind for long. Once Long and Rafael released Geosense, I realized this could quite well be possible without depending on GPS hardware.

I call this application GeoThemes. The idea is quite simple,  you can set themes for specific locations, a different theme for work or college and a different one for your residence. A simple mock up of the application:

Microsoft Building The Next Zune Software “Ground Up”

Two job postings detail Microsoft’s plans for a rich user experience with respect to their 3 screens and the cloud strategy.

Microsoft Applies To Patent Natal-Like Implementation For PCs

Been some time that I came across an interesting patent application but here’s an interesting one. Microsoft engineers have applied for two patents detailing the Architecture to control the PC using hand gestures. Earlier Microsoft showed controlling devices by muscle movements and has applied to patent a pressure sensitive mouse.

The basic architectural diagram shows a user can use voice, gesture, keyboard or mouse as inputs to a computer. Microsoft engineers talk about using both voice and gesture together to control various actions on the PC. A basic image shows the two cameras and a mic are placed in front of the user:

Demo: Awesome OneNote 2010 And OneNote Web Apps Sync

A quick demo of how flawless the sync between OneNote 2010 on the desktop and oneNote in Office Web Apps is.

What’s Inside The iPhone 4

Here are some images shown at WWDC 2010 that show us what is where inside the new iPhone 4.

[Video] Project Gaia: How Microsoft Helped Make James Cameron’s Avatar

(Image credit Long Zheng)

At Tech Ed US 2010, Bob Muglia while talking about Microsoft’s cloud strategies shared a video where James Cameron talks about how they used Microsoft technologies for Avatar.

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