Apple’s Magic Trackpad + Display = Microsoft’s Latest Patent Application

A Microsoft patent application shows a magic trackpad with screen.

PDC10 Highlights

Highlights from my visit to Microsoft’s Redmond campus for the Professional Developer Conference 2010.

Use Bing Visual Search To Find Your Windows Phone 7

Bing Visual Search now has Windows Phone 7 as a pivot to search phones.

[TNW] Silverlight And The Future Of Windows

Windows and Microsoft’s future might depend on Silverlight’s adoption.

Windows Phone 7 NYC Launch Highlights

Steve B’s keynote, Windows Phone 7 devices and a fun time with a lot of people I’ve been reading for years!

[TNW] SkyDrive’s New Logo Says A Lot About The Service

Skydrive’s new logo of two clouds and a golden swish stands for the service being Microsoft’s consumer cloud.

[ZDNet] Technology Behind India’s UID Project

The companies, processes and technology powering the unique identification number allotment and database management for India.

[TNW] iTunes Ping, Game Center and Windows Phone 7

My thoughts on Apple iTunes Ping and Game Center and what they mean to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft Applies To Patent Dual Screen Mobile Shown In Montage Vision 2019 Video

I’m no more excited about Windows Phone 7. I WANT THIS PHONE DAMMIT!

Slick Surface Projects Show Windows Can Do Touch

Microsoft LiveStream — project for Microsoft Surface from Stimulant shows Windows can be used for Touch devices.

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