Map Your Foursquare Check-ins On Bing Maps

See your foursquare check-ins on Bing Maps or Google Maps.

Microsoft India Offering Office 2010 At Rs 1,000 A PC

In the US, Microsoft has brought back Family Pack which is three Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade licenses for as low as $149. Sometime back I had asked why Microsoft India doesn’t have something similar in India, the response was underwhelming. Anyhoo… today, Abhishek Baxi shared on twitter that Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student edition is now available at Rs. 2,999.

Microsoft To Introduce ‘Direct Experience Platform’ With Windows 8?

Direct Experience Platform for Windows will start the PC in reduced functionality mode to function more as a consumer device for specific purposes than as a full fledged PC.

Understanding Multitasking In Windows Phone 7

Clearing the misconceptions regarding multi-tasking in Windows Phone 7 and comparing it to Apple’s iOS4.

Xbox 360 Controller To Feature Easy Wired/Wireless Mode Swap

A few months back Razer co-founder Min-Liang Tan visited Mumbai and showed us a few of his company’s products, he was particularly proud of the Razer Mamba. The Mamba was small in size and had two modes of operation – wired and wireless. Not two different products, but the same mouse could switch between the wired and wireless mouse mode on the fly.

Microsoft Applies To Patent A Touch Gesture

Microsoft has applied to patent a touch gesture known as rubber band gesture.

Microsoft Patent Reveals Weird Touch Keyboard Layout For Slate PCs

Patent application from Microsoft shows an alternative layout of a touch keyboard that does not require a stylus.

Office 2010 Ad: Kids Show You PowerPoint Features

A new series of Office 2010 ads from Microsoft that has kids showing off the new features.

Microsoft Patent Shows Dynamic Dual Sided Remote

Office Labs showed Microsoft’s vision for the future, translucent gadgets without tactile buttons and dynamic interfaces. Office Labs GM Chris Pratley then demoed one of the technologies shown in the video.

In a recent patent application Microsoft has applied to patent a device (remote) with dynamic controls depending on which side is facing up.  This is done based on which side the effect of gravity is observed.

Xbox To Save Gamer’s Health Records And Tailor Gaming Experience Accordingly

According to an interesting patent application I came across, Microsoft plans to save its users health records so that it can customize the gaming experience accordingly.

There have been several instances where continuous gaming has adversely affected physical and mental state of an individual. The patent application gives an idea about how Microsoft plans to address this issue. Microsoft talks about obesity and how it has plagued the US, Microsoft intends to make gamers undertake assignments and tasks according to their health records.

Here’s a flow chart that details how the system is intended to work:

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