Shooting Themselves In The Foot

Some of Microsoft’s recent announcements make me wonder whether the company is shooting itself in the foot or looking out for its long term future.

Apple Copies UX Gesture For iOS, Fails Miserably

If you swipe in the camera app in iOS5, you can browse your photo library. Like in WP7 and other phones.

iOS5 vs WP7

A quick look comparing iOS5 and WP7.

Microsoft May Be Tweaking Windows Phone Search, Here’s What It Should Be

Microsoft’s Windows Phone might be tweaking and updating search on the phone. As a user I believe there are two ways this can be designed and here’s what I believe Microsoft should be doing.

Bold Decisions For The Future & Innovation

The killing of the Courier, a strategic risk with Windows 8, vision videos from the research labs are examples of bold decisions and objectives at Microsoft.

Nokia’s Global Marketing Plans For Windows Phone

Details about Nokia’s advertising and marketing plans for Microsoft’s Windows Phone based devices show promise and look good.

Steve Jobs: Microsoft’s Unforeseen Lawyer Against Android

Steve Jobs saying Android is stolen are strong words against the platform that absolve Microsoft og any wrong doing in signing IP licensing deals with OEMs.

The Reality Distortion Field

Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror has written an article on software development and a quote in there is quite representative of the blind faith across the blogosphere covering Apple.

Microsoft India Holds The Worst Product Launch For Windows Phone

WIth no review units, no buzz in the press and the US video used to show features, Microsoft India disappoints yet again.

Windows Phone & Kinect—Tale of Microsoft’s 2 Apple-like Attempts

Tracing Microsoft’s success with the Kinect and comparing it to Windows Phone 7, Sony PlayStation, Apple’s iPhone and Android.

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