Cable Companies Finally Feeling The Heat

Time Warner is offering $5 off on Internet connection if users subscribe to their cable services. Signs of Internet streaming affecting traditional cable TV are all true.

Microsoft, Nokia & Developers – The Challenges

Developers are opting for iOS and Android for coding their apps. Windows Phone 7 is not a choice as of now. If Nokia decides to do their own app store it will lead to developer factions and fragmentation.

[Live Blog] Windows Phone 7 Mango Event

Group live blog of Microsoft’s VIP event for Windows Phone 7 Mango held in New York City.

Enterprise IT Is On Verge Of ‘Consumerization’

Consumerization as a trend in enterprise IT is changing how a user works with flexible work hours and travelling. Microsoft understands this shift and has products that help companies adopt to the change.

Microsoft’s Leverage Against Carriers For WP7

Microsoft with their Skype purchase in addition to the integration of Facebook and Windows Live Messaging integration will let them play ball on the negotiations table with the carriers.

Skype and Microsoft

A few thoughts on the Microsoft and Skype $8.5 Billion deal to be formally announced soon.

The Third Windows

Windows Azure or the cloud computing OS is now the third Windows that will bring the enterprise and personal computing together.