Microsoft’s Leverage Against Carriers For WP7

While writing my Windows Phone 7 Mango update feature list, I realized that Microsoft might be planning to play hard ball with the carriers. Apple was able to put a leash around the carriers thanks to the success of the iPhone and I believe they are letting carriers dominate since that helps them have an upper hand against Android and Windows Phone 7. Back in 2010, TechCrunch ran an article claiming Google is poised to try their hand as a carrier. 

As of now, Microsoft doesn’t have a choice but bow down to carriers and we’ve seen how AT&T screwed Microsoft’s attempts of sending out timely updates. This brings me to Windows Phone 7 Mango and Skype:

  • Skype’s cross-platform presence lets Windows Phone 7 users communicate with a lot of friends over WiFi and no need of the carriers.
  • One of the other features in Mango is Facebook and Windows Live Messenger chat being integrated into the Messaging app.

This means audio, video and text communication over WiFi and no carriers involved! Apple, Google and Microsoft together can make lives difficult for carriers and probably break their control and rid users of their ultra-crappy ways.