[Video] Microsoft’s SkyDrive Starts Streaming Music On WP7

You can now stream your own music stored on SkyDrive to your WP7 devices.

Android and Customization

Mobile reviewer explains her gripes with Android’s UI and why she switched to Windows Phone 7.

Captain America Windows 7 Theme & WP7 Wallpapers

A 7 wallpaper Windows 7 theme of the Avenger character with resized Windows Phone 7 versions.

Adsense By Facebook: Facebook’s Turn To Step Onto Google’s Turf

With Google+ Google decided to compete with Facebook. Facebook blocked Google Adsense to be used by developers, these indicate a possible competitor to Google adsense from Facebook.

Unified Services: Microsoft vs Apple

At WPC 2011, Microsoft talked about their strategies and differences in ecosystem with Apple.

[TB] NUI For PowerPoint

Two patent applications from Microsoft show the possible of PowerPoint on tablets and with kinect like gesture interaction.

Windows Phone 7 and Social

Windows Phone 7 and Windows Live together provide more native social network integration than iOS and Android. Quick status and image sharing on multiple networks. WP7 makes it easy to stay in touch with friends.

Facebook’s Video Calling and WP7

MSFT buys Skype. MSFT integrates Facebook chat in WP7. Facebook brings Skype to chat. This could be video calling in Mango and even Windows 8.

A Stalker’s Guide To Foursquare

Foursquare checkins can be very revealing and provide insights into a person that one would rather have private or control over whether to share.