Microsoft Patent Reveals User Behavior Based Battery Saving

Microsoft battery patent shows by observing a user’s charging and phone use behavior Microsoft hopes to extend battery life.

Microsoft’s Biggest Blunder With Windows Phone

Simple naming convention could’ve helped Microsoft get a lot of good attention instead of the unwarranted bad press.

Surface Is Shit, Ergo Microsoft Is Dead; Or Not

The talk about Microsoft’s death due to Surface’s shortcomings are premature.

Microsoft’s Version Of Apple’s ‘Find My Friends’ Found In A Patent

Microsoft’s engineers have their own version of Find My Friends.

Lumia 920 First Impressions

Having tried the Lumia 800, Lumia 900, here are some initial impressions of the new Windows Phone 8 flagship phone–Nokia Lumia 920.

Why I’m Not Going To Buy The Surface RT

The more I evaluate it, the less likely I become to invest $599 in Microsoft’s Surface.

The Holiday 2012 Shopping Wish-List

Unlike last year’s holiday season, this one seems to have a lot of interesting gadgets. And I plan to buy some.

8 Issues In Windows 8: Modern vs Desktop

Some Windows 8 UX quirks that should’ve been fixed for the final release.

Setting Up Windows 8 On A Mac

Own a MacBook & want to install Windows 8? Here’s how and what you should be doing.

Lemons From Paris: Surface Edition

Here’s MG Siegler on the Surface and an iPad with a keyboard.

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