Display Connect: Microsoft’s Online Wizard To Create Advertisements

Microsoft Advertising has been silently building up several resources to build a position in the advertisement market. With Apple iAds failing and Google getting stronger, Microsoft Advertising has a huge opportunity with Microsoft’s digital ecosystem.

Kinect-based interactive ads–NuAds–show how, with technology, advertising can change. iAds look cool. As someone once said, only Apple can have an app just to see ads. In a recent trademark I came across (that I compelled myself to write about), Microsoft plans to offer advertisers a set of tools to create ads. The kind of ads hasn’t been explained but obviously, this isn’t meant for NUAds. Display Connect is currently in beta and pretty cool. The online suite lets you build your own ads and then serve them through Microsoft’s AdCenter. Once you enter the URL, Display Connect will fetch images from the URL and create a basic ad:

The editor lets you change images, text, and text properties:

Onc done, Microsoft lets you set target audiences such as gender, age, interests. The last step is the pricing:

Display Connect can be tried here.