Microsoft To Build Windows Phone Camera Systems Specifically For Skype

I stumbled upon a senior hardware engineer job posting by Microsoft specifically for Windows Phone camera and Skype. The current Skype experience on Windows Phone is horrible, which is a little ironic since Microsoft bought Skype but since the acquisition happened while Windows Phone Mango was already on its way out, Microsoft cannot be blamed. However, it was clear that Microsoft has serious plans for Skype integration in Windows Phone and as the job posting I came across indicates, the company is ready to go deep into the phone’s hardware components to offer a better experience.

The senior hardware engineer with comprehensive skills in working with camera architecture like CMOS sensors and System on Chip architecture will work on developing testing scenarios and camera systems specifically to work with Skype. The key responsibility from the position description:

The Camera Chief Engineer is responsible for research, design, development, test, and qualification of camera hardware for Skype products. The ideal candidate will take leadership roles in development of very high performance compact camera products.

Duties include developing architecture for camera systems, working with a multi-disciplinary team to develop performing both lab type and production type testing and software (including image quality, electrical and mechanical testing) for camera system/module/component performance evaluation including CMOS sensor pixel, lens quality, actuator system, illumination technology and ISPs etc., performing testing/data analysis on benchmark products.