Apple’s Private Social Network

Individual components that work between the phone and PC have led to Apple inadvertently creating a private social network for each user.

Apple Copies UX Gesture For iOS, Fails Miserably

If you swipe in the camera app in iOS5, you can browse your photo library. Like in WP7 and other phones.

Steve Jobs: Microsoft’s Unforeseen Lawyer Against Android

Steve Jobs saying Android is stolen are strong words against the platform that absolve Microsoft og any wrong doing in signing IP licensing deals with OEMs.

What’s Inside The iPhone 4

Here are some images shown at WWDC 2010 that show us what is where inside the new iPhone 4.

Apple Files Patent To Use Your Display As Camera Flash

Apple patent application details how Apple plans to use the computer display as flash for cameras.

Does iPhone OS 4 Violate Patent Filed By Microsoft?

Looks like Apple is offering a feature for enterprises that Microsoft has applied a patent for.

Apple Patent Explains Shopping, Financing And Payment App For The iPhone

Apple patent shows iPhone as a mode for making payments and financial transactions with a Shopping app that has financing and payments.

Apple Patent Shows Smart Drag-Drop For Upcoming OS X?

Recently filed Apple patent shows dynamically changing folder icons and auto sorting of files when dragged and dropped.

New Macbook Design? RJ-45 Coming To The Macbook Air?

Apple patent shows possible new macbook design, connector ports to move to the back and new technology to reduce port sizes and computer form factor.

Apple Patent Shows New iPhone OS UI & Contacts On Home Screen

Apple patent shows next gen iPhone OS UI, contacts coming to home screen and contact screen getting more options.

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