The Reality Distortion Field

Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror has written an article on software development and a quote in there is quite representative of the blind faith across the blogosphere covering Apple.

Gizmodo on iOS vs WP7

Gizmodo writing about patent disputes between Apple & Samsung and how it affects innovation.

[TB] Thoughts On Skype Acquiring GroupMe

The $85 Million GroupMe acquisition by Skype is not for Microsoft (or Windows Phone) but for the Skype platform.

[TB] One Windows For Phone, PC and Xbox

A patent application from Microsoft explains how the company might achieve their same code-base across devices strategy.

iPhone User’s Opinion After Trying WP7

An iPhone user writes about his first attempt at WP7.

Android and Customization

Mobile reviewer explains her gripes with Android’s UI and why she switched to Windows Phone 7.