Cant Afford Vista, Still Feel The WoW!!!

With this tutorial you can emulate vista’s look in XP and manually choose to apply what you want to.
A lot of people have not liked vista as much as they like XP so witth this they can have the best o both worlds.

Difference between Unix/Linux & Windows

An article that describes the basic differences between Unix/Linux and the Windows operating systems and their architecture.

Theme Your MS Office 2007

The color scheme of MS Office 2007 can be changed to match the theme of Windows you have. This little tutorial shows how that can be done.

What Was The Difference Between A Mac & A PC

This article shows the basic difference between the non-Intel Macs & IBM PCs, what made them different.

LCD & Plasma – What Are They?

An article which explains how are LCDs and Plasmas different and which should be bought.

Music In The Air. Quite Literally

Control your desktop via your cell-phone and also wirelessly transmit your songs over the FM.

iPod Docking Station (i-station 9)

Having no proper music system but having an iPod made total sense in buying a docking station that would play my iPod aloud and so today I got an iPod docking station for my 30 gig 5G iPod. After a look at the products available in the market I decided to settle for the logic

i Own An iPod

A 10 point review of the 5g 30GB iPod which was gifted to me by my father.

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